For the final part of this series we will be looking at the various sounds that weapons make in martial arts. Although they are not as noticeable as the kiai or take as much focus as making a uniform ‘snap’, the weapons used in martial arts have an impact on the martial artists’ performance by amplifying the sounds they make.

To help show some of the sounds heard in martial arts, we asked 9x World Champion Christine Bannon-Rodrigues to send us some videos of her using different forms. Check them out below!

In the video on the left, Christine is using her core body strength to lift herself off the ground while simultaneously spinning the chain above her head. This creates a whipping-like sound enhanced by the intense movement of her body.

In the second video, the whipping sound is much more pronounced as it is being amplified by her spinning movements. At the end of the clip, an even louder sound is heard as she lands her final position – which is a combined sound of her sword and the kiai she makes.

In this video we see Team Macho member Dante, Chrsitine’s son, holding a focus target while his training partner kicks it. The sound of a well-landed kick signifies to the athlete that they were successful in hitting their target. This is even more noticeable when a double focus target is used, as they emit a loud clapping sound when hit correctly. 

What we can take away from this series is that the sounds made in martial arts – whether it be from a kiai, the snapping of a uniform, or the clash of weapons – are a key indication of the martial artist’s control, power, dedication, and focus. When it all comes together we are given a display of these skills that solidifies the athlete’s status in the eyes of those watching.

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