When shopping for martial arts weaponry, you may notice there are a lot of materials for you to choose from: wood, aluminum, bamboo, etc. So what’s the best material to go with? That depends on your intention for practicing. Use our guide to pick the right material for you.

Below is an introduction to a few of the different materials you may come across when shopping for a martial arts weapon. Always consult your instructor before making a decision! 

Wax Wood is flexible making it great for performance. The flexibility helps prevent splintering when performing ground strikes during your performance.

Oak Wood is a heavy sturdy wood making it ideal for practice, training or combat. The heaviness of the wood allows it to take on the wear and tear of rigorous movement. The weight will also help you build strength and tone muscles. 

The lightweight nature of rattan and bamboo makes it ideal for demonstration. Your movements will be quick and spectacular. Rattan and bamboo are great choices for the martial artist wanting to perform their moves with a lightweight weapon that looks great without the flash of a holographic finish. 

Beginning martial artists should use foam or rubber weapons when first starting their weapons training. This safe option allows beginning martial artists to practice the moves without harming themselves or those around them. 

Weapons with a holographic finish provide martial artists with a dazzling effect. When demonstrating forms, the holographic finish will pick up light and reflect colors back with each movement. When combined with a lightweight wood, the holographic finish is ideal for demonstration. 

Aluminum weapons usually have a dull blade, but should only be used by martial artists that are experienced and comfortable with the forms. Like the holographic finish, aluminum weapons are great for demonstration and are very impressive to watch.

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