Macho is the only martial arts manufacturer who has a 35 year legacy dedicated to product safety, quality standards and testing. Macho played an active role in setting the standard for martial arts sparring gear requirements, was part of the ASTM committee to develop the standard and continues to test and evaluate its gear.

We are committed to the following

  1. Provide high-quality products at competitive price
  2. Use the highest-quality materials we can find
  3. Remain committed to, or exceed, our long-held standards for safety and protection
  4. Test products in the lab and in the field before we sell them

We accomplish these 4 commitments by being the only sparring gear manufacturer who has published the results of independent laboratory testing to make sure our gear provides optimal protection. We are credited as a major influence behind safety standards in the martial arts industry. We do whatever it takes to improve design and safety for those that matter most: martial artists. 

Many of the employees of Macho are martial artists and are passionate about the industry they work to protect. Dr. Dennis Lieu, research expert at the University of California Berkeley who conducted the laboratory testing for Macho, was also a martial artist. Having first-hand knowledge of what martial artists need and expect from their gear helped Dr. Lieu understand the right mix of criteria needed to conduct testing for the industry. 

Today, we continue to influence the industry through consistent improvements in product design, while staying true to the 4 Commitments of Macho listed above.