Last Thursday Macho Martial Arts hosted a group of school owners from Taekwondo America at our Florida headquarters. As long time customers and good friends, we were excited to show them around the office so they could see where their products come from, as well as give them a close look at how those products are tested.

We started off our tour with a run through of the Custom Services department, followed by our packaging and handling facilities. Custom Services is where we bring our school owner’s items to life, with high quality logos being placed on uniforms, sparring gear, bags, banners, and more. We also offer Screen Printing, Thermal Printing, Co-Branding, Embroidery, Vinyl Banners, and customized clothing for our Wholesale Customers, and were able to show the school owners some of our custom items while they were being made.

After the tour of our packaging facilities we took them to our product room. This area houses all of our Macho products and is connected to our safety lab, where we test all of our gear to make sure it meets our strict safety standards. We perform the High-Speed Swing Arm Test on all of our gear before rolling it out to our customers, and since Taekwondo America was visiting us we had our longtime Macho team member and Research & Development lead, Scott, do a test demo for our guests. It is safe to say from their reactions that they were impressed!

We closed our day with an open forum meeting in the conference room with the President of Macho Martial Arts. The Taekwondo America school owners got to sit down and speak with him 1-on-1 about their thoughts regarding our products, their needs as school owners, and how Macho can help them grow. All in all it was a great day, and we are glad to be a part of their story.

You can see pictures from their visit in the gallery below.