Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt
Style: Taekwondo (12 years), Karate (7 years), Chinese Wushu (2 years)
Age Started: 6 years old
Age Became a Black Belt: 10
Currently, Kathryn is attending Harvard University where she is still performing and competing. In 2018, she:
  • Was named Triple Crown Champion 
  • Was inducted into the KRANE Hall of Fame 
  • Won 3 National Overall Grand Champion titles and all 4 divisions Champion titles at KRANE Nationals 

Kathryn Tian is one of the most passionate martial artists of her age. She initially began studying Taekwondo as a way to deal with being bullied in school, and since then has received a total of 23 World Champion titles in Karate and Taekwondo from 5 famous international martial arts circuits.