Macho Martial Arts is dedicated to creating products that help martial artists compete at the highest level while also remaining protected. The athlete is always at the front of our mind and is what drives our company to continually create new and improved gear to help them compete.

Last year saw the release of our SparTec Head, the most technologically advanced headgear in the martial arts market. Now in 2019, we are releasing the SparTec Face Shield, which was designed to be more protective and attractive in addition to perfectly fitting our SparTec Headgear.

With the introduction of the SparTec Face Shield Macho is again raising the industry standard while creating gear that meets the needs of martial artists. The Face Shield features: 

  • Improved stability with upper mounting system
  • Reinforced thickened edges in critical areas
  • A more adjustable strapping system that allows wearers to securely fit the face shield to their SparTec headgear

As the second addition to the SparTec line, the SparTec Face Shield pulls from Macho’s legacy to give martial artists the most attractive and protective face shield on the market. Our company was founded under the mission of increasing safety in martial arts competition, and SparTec is an embodiment of that vision.