If you haven’t heard of RingStar yet, then get ready to fall in love with their amazing product line of martial arts shoes. Their training shoes are designed to allow athletes to train harder, smarter, and safer without having to worry about getting injured. And if that isn’t enough for you, they are also the only NASKA approved shoes for full contact sport Karate.

The newest Ringstar Martial Arts shoe, Fightpro V2, is Ringstar’s best sparring shoe yet. The ultra-soft sole composition provides excellent grip and comfort while the secure velcro closure provides easy securing and removal. The shoe also features a ventilation system for enahnced breath-ability and airflow, and it comes complete with additional inner ankle protection.

V2 of the Ringstar Fightpro shoe features:

  • An ultra-soft sole for comfort and flexibility
  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • A.A.P. (Advanced Ankle Protector) for additional inner-ankle protection
  • Extra padding in toe, flap and tongue
  • Secure velcro closure system
  • Comes in children’s (1-4) and adult (5-14) sizes

It is available for purchase at macho.com.