School is out for the summer, which could mean a smaller turnout for your martial arts classes. Don’t let that be the case! Implementing a Summer Day Camp is a great way to keep your classroom momentum all year round. Summer Camps can provide kids with a fun day, parents with a stress free schedule and you a profit! So what makes a great martial arts summer camp? Here are a few things we think will help:

Provide Cool Apparel

Create a fun summer-themed graphic that incorporates your logo (or have Macho’s Custom Services design one for you) and print it on t-shirts, hats and tote bags. Macho’s recently improved Custom Services Department makes it easy for school owners to order custom products printed using the best technology out there.

Get crafty and tye-dye the custom t-shirts with your students on the first day of class as an inexpensive and fun way to break the ice. If you have any activities that require you and your students to go on trips outside of the classroom, have them wear the shirts. This makes it easier to stick together. 

Keep it fun


Summer is an exciting time for kids. They don’t want to go from homework to dojo-work. Find a good balance between teaching traditional martial arts discipline and silly-summer fun. Be patient with beginners. Create games that teach the basics and make sure your students are always going home happy. Your summer campers are potential year-round students and you don’t want to scare them away!

Follow code

Check your local laws and make sure your licensing, liability, medical insurance, and staffing are all accounted for. Some states have special day-care laws. Make sure you stay organized and informed. Without the proper precautions and steps your summer camp won’t be the fun and safe summer oasis parents and students are looking for.