After school activities are a great way to help your child find what they are passionate about, and martial arts classes are some of the most popular for young children to be enrolled in. But it can be tiring going to class after a long day of school, so it is important that children eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks so that they can get the nutrients they need to perform well. This is especially important for kids and teens involved in all-day competitions or strenuous endurance sports, which often involve hours of activity.

To help you keep your little ninja full of energy, here are some healthy snacks you can throw in their lunch box for a quick after-school snack.

  • Apples, bananas, or celery and peanut butter
  • Turley roll-ups
    • A great source of protein, calcium and veggies all at once! All you need to do is place the cheese on your turkey slice, place veggies such as cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, etc. in the middle of it, and roll it up!
  • Trail mix
  • Hummus
    • Can be eaten with pita chips, celery, or peppers for an extra kick of vegetables!
  • Granola bars
  • Cheese sticks (with fruit!)
  • Yogurt