As popularity of martial arts has swept the world, so have minor injuries ranging from bruises, wrist displacements and mild head injuries. These injuries can be reduced if instructors and families follow the recommendations from safety equipment manufacturers and demand that their gear be tested for trauma protection.

The video below reflects the importance of properly tested gear. While martial arts is generally a safe and limited contact sport, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Do not trust gear that has never been tested. Your well being and ability to train properly are being jeopardized if there is no data to prove the effectiveness of your gear. Finding gear that has been tested is not difficult to do. In fact, Macho has been testing its gear since 1997. 

Macho’s Warrior and Dyna head gear has been evaluated and tested for G-force transferred, product weight, foam thickness, construction and fit. As the first and only company to do this level of testing, Macho made a huge impact on the industry with the results: Macho’s headgear is rated with superior protection. 

The High-Energy Striking Impact Test is one of the most important tests to ensure gear is safe and effective during sparring. The results below demonstrate that wearing Macho gear significantly reduces the level of force that transfers to the body. It proves that Macho Dyna and Macho Warrior are safe choices for sparring. 

At Macho, we believe one injury is one too many. Especially if the injury could have easily been prevented with the right gear and proper instruction. Remember, not all gear is created equal. Demand to know the facts about your gear!