Custom products are a great way to showcase or advertise your brand, creativity or concept. For 35 years, Macho has been offering custom printed apparel, uniforms, gear, and other custom print media to martial arts schools. Macho has recently expanded its custom services solutions and invested in new technology to serve any person or business in need of team apparel, custom apparel, window decals, bumper stickers, promotional vinyl banners and more. We accept both small and large jobs. Some of our services have no minimum order requirements. Use our guide below to help you find the right service for your project!

This process places ink on the surface of the item, creating a smooth and vibrant surface. This process is ideal for custom printed uniforms and t-shirts.

In this process, the design is cut from material and then pressed onto the garment under high heat. 

This is a classic one-color permanent imprint on sparring gear, targets and shields. 

Get die-cut graphics on sparring gear, targets and shields with multi-color co-branding. 

Banners are an excellent and cost effective way to advertise your school or event. 

Like banners, vinyl decals are another excellent and cost effective way to advertise your school or event. Stick them on cars, walls, etc. and get your logo out there! 

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