Weapons training not only increases your power, defense, and coordination, but it also opens a whole world of competitions where you can test your skills and learn from other martial artists. One especially fun, beautiful, and powerful weapon is the Bo. This versatile tool is favored by martial artists worldwide, and no matter what your goals are, you should take these three factors into account when choosing a bo: length, weight and flash.

Length – Most martial artists prefer the length of their bo to either equal their height or be slighter shorter. This because the longer the bo, the harder it is to perform certain forms (and the less likely you’ll be to impress the judges).

The Competition Bos at Macho come in two sizes: 60″ (5 feet) and 72″ (6 feet)

Weight – A lightweight bo allows you to easily glide through the air, mastering forms and creating beautiful freestyle moves that will blow away the competition. 

Macho’s Competition Bos weigh less than 1 pound for both styles and both lengths. The 60″ competition bo weighs a mere 0.6 lbs, while the 72″ weighs 0.65 lbs. 

Flash – Finally, when you are competing you want to make sure that your moves do not go unnoticed. Therefore, we recommend you get a bo that has sparkle, flash and style. There are many designs out there, but a holographic finish provides the coolest flash for competitions.

Macho’s competition bos feature a high-impact holographic design that catches light and reflects a dazzling rainbow effect. They come in many colors, so you can express yourself while competing.

It’s important to get accustomed to the feel of your bo before using it in competition. Walk around with it in your backyard or simply hold it in your hand for a while. Pay special attention to your bo’s length and weight. The better you know your bo, the better you’ll be when it comes time to compete.

Once you’ve been able to practice with your new bo and both you and your instructor feel you’re ready, go ahead and start signing up for competitions! Your instructor will know when different eventgs are being held and can help you sign up for them. You can also go online to see if there are any other local or national competitions you would like to be involved in. Get involved in online communities of competitors, sign up for newsletters, and always stay on top of new events! 

Ready to start competing? Get the bo that was meant for you by shopping Macho.