Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt
Style: Oki-Ryu Kenpo
Age Started: 2 years old
Accomplishments include:
  • Appearances in numerous movies and TV shows in a variety of roles, including a reoccurring role in a Netflix Original series that is coming out very soon! 
  • Certified by and member of the Screen Action Stunt Association 
  • 2015 KRANE #1 16-17 Open Forms 
  • 2014 WAKO World Champion Musical Forms (Karate) 

As the son of Coach Christine, Dante has grown up completely surrounded by martial arts. He has been practicing for 19 years and is not only a professional martial artist/tricker, but he is also an actor, stuntman, and the co-owner of Newport Martial Arts. He seeks to teach both children and adults how to achieve confidence, leadership and fitness skills through the practice of martial arts.