As a continuation of Mother’s Day, Macho sat down with Christine-Bannon Rodrigues to talk about how she approaches being a coach for Team Macho and the similarities between a coach and a mom. Check out the video or read the interview below.

1. What side of you comes out the most, coach-mode or mom-mode?

I think Coach-mode comes out the most with the Team. I know their moms are usually present at events and will do the “mom thing” for them, so it’s my job to tell our team members what they did well, what needs more work, what their opponents’ weaknesses are, while also encourage them.

I probably show more of the mom-mode when their mothers are not present. Some of our Team Macho members are old enough to travel alone, while some may travel with Dad, not mom; so when that happens I may show more “mom” attributes knowing their mom is not around. In some instances I also find myself fixing a ponytail before a run-off so that they look sharp before competing in form, so I guess I do switch back and forth, depending on if mom-mode is needed! At the tournaments, their moms are the ones who make sure their uniforms loos good, hair is in place, and that they are well fed, rested, and arrive on time. They do a great job and even go into coach-mode if I’m unable to get to their ring – they do it all!

My place is to coach our athletes, cheer them on, give them tips, protest any rule infractions, etc. But if mom isn’t there, my mom-mode does kick in for sure!

Top Left: Christine and her mother  Bottom Left and Right: Christine and Dante

2. Are there certain skills you learned as a mom that you apply to being a coach?

A mom needs to be strict, but also caring and understanding.  You must let your child choose their own path, not the one you dream for them.I apply the same philosophy as a coach.  I won’t tolerate sore losers, bad attitudes, or unsportsmanlike conduct. But I also try to be caring and pat them on the back when they do well, and be understanding when they have a bad day…..we all have bad days.

I also let them choose their own path.  Not everyone will fight like I do.  I need to take the skills they have and hone in on them to make them shine.  If they are a defensive fighter or a puncher, then we concentrate on the skills they do best, not what I like to do.  And the same for Forms.  Some of our Team Macho members are trickers, while some are strong with traditional style.  I try to coach to their strengths and what they like to do.

I believe Team Macho is not just a team but an extended family.  TEAM – “Together everyone achieves more”.