This past weekend Macho Martial Arts attended Taekwondo America’s 2019 Black Belt Conference in St. Augustine, FL. Taekwondo America is a national organization with numerous schools across the United States, and we were able to speak with the President of Taekwondo America, Michael Dominach, about the conference and what its purpose is. He said that the conference serves as a way to provide continuing education for instructors, additional training for black belts, and detailed information to help school owners run their schools and businesses.

Over the years Taekwondo America has worked to improve the overall look and atmosphere of the conference, and its organizers were very excited about everything they had planned for this year. The biggest takeaway Michael said he wanted people to receive at this event was to know that they are valued as a martial artist and are part of a large and supportive taekwondo family. Our team sure enjoyed seeing everyone compete and learn at this conference, so to get a glimpse into what happened while there check out the videos below or go to our Facebook page for our photo recap.

We would like to thank Michael Dominach, the President of Taekwondo America, Jason Kesler, Vice President of Taekwondo America, and David Church, the Conference Chair, for running such a fantastic event!