‘The Martial Arts Kid‘ is an inspiring family film that tells the story of a troubled teen who finds himself through mastering the discipline of martial arts and standing up to bullies. While it encourages social responsibility it also teaches young viewers the importance of standing up for what you believe in, learning humility and finding strength in yourself when others doubt you. The action packed fight scenes, comedic dialogue and important values will leave young martial artists feeling entertained and motivated.

In addition to the valuable message, the movie also acts as homage to martial arts as a whole. Some of martial arts’ most talented veterans make up the movie’s impressive cast. Don “The Dragon” Wilson, 11 x World Kick-Boxing Champion, and Cynthia Rothrock, 5 x World Forms and Weapons Champion show their mastery against bullies and rivals in some thrilling scenes. 

The moving message, educational storyline and impressive martial arts cast make this a movie that can be enjoyed by young and seasoned martial artists alike. Get your copy here!